StopSpoof vs THEM

We are NOT the world's best company in our field yet...

We do NOT have the world's number one solution in our vertical yet...

We are NOT like those self-proclaimed Startups/companies out there to claim that they are the best in their segment

We do NOT lie to our customers, infact, to anyone to get business...

That does NOT mean we are inferior to anyone out there, it just means that we are striving hard [really hard day in day out] to become the world's BEST and Number ONE company in our own niche field which is BEC [Business Email Compromise] to take care of Email Fraud & Phishing Attacks.

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Logical Comparison Between StopSpoof And Others:


  1. Yet another Cyber-Security Company providing BEC Solution.
  2. They are like generalist doctor [GP] who has little knowledge of many things but not in-depth knowledge of any one thing.
  3. They have many different products & solutions to sell and support.
  4. Few companies are primarily selling omni-channel marketing solutions based on sms, email & voice. In order to top up their revenues they built a BEC solution too.
  5. They are definitely jack of all but master of none.
  6. They will work hard and give their 100% to get the business.


  1. We are NOT yet another cyber security company.
  2. We are The Email Company. We Breathe Email. Email is in our DNA.
  3. We are like Specialist Doctors, Consultants & Surgeons. We know only & only 1 thing and that is EMAIL.
  4. We FOCUS on only 1 problem and that is Email Fraud/Phishing Attacks.
  5. We FOCUS on only 1 solution and that is to combat all types of BEC [Business Email Compromise] attacks like spoofing, phishing, scamming, fraud, etc orchestrated by cybercriminals and fraudsters.
  6. We are more accurate in estimating & mitigating phishing attacks and have better analytical tools based on deep subject matter expertise to take better decisions with measurable business results.
  7. We too work hard and give 100% to get the business BUT no one can match us and work as hard as our team AFTER we get the business from our clients.

We take pride in our work & team that we get compared with industry leaders like Agari & ValiMail
If they are the Ferraris then we are surely the Lamborghinis of the Email Anti-Fraud World ...