Outbound Fraud Protection [OFP]

Today's Business Email scenario:

There is no doubt that in today's world of unified communication, there are many platforms available to convey, communicate with your end users, vendors, partners, and any external business entities. However when it comes to formal communications, Email is the most widely used communication channel.

Any formal business communications are done over email undoubtedly. While it is a critical communication channel mostly used for official or formal communication, it is also the primary channel of target, exploited by cybercriminals to lure, attract and even defame an organization or its users.
This is the talk of CxO board with any CISOs, as it is widely evident that any unauthorized email has huge potential to cause enough and beyond reputational damage, if any such mail is directly sent to your customers, suppliers or employees pretending to be legitimate if properly not protected. This puts security and brand reputation at risk.

StopSpoof's Outbound Fraud Protection [OFP] is a cloud based SAAS solution that stops email fraud & email phishing attacks by automating email authentication process and end-to-end managed services of deep subject matter expertise. OFP addresses the organizational and technological hurdles to authentication enforcement. OFP leverages the power of DMARC authentication to help you implement email authentication quickly and safely. This allows you to block domain spoofing attacks that appear to be sent on your organization’s behalf.

Why OFP for Email Authentication?

StopSpoof's OFP thwarts the outsiders (who are bad guys/bad actors) from impersonating your company via email messages — protecting your executives, vendors, customers and partners from highly destructive and costly phishing, BEC and ransomware attacks.

Many organizations use third party ESP (Email Service Providers - promotional, transactional & OTP) services like Salesforce, MailChimp, Hubspot, etc. These contribute to majority of emails sent to customers and partners on behalf of the organization. Often, organizations may not even know all the cloud service providers sending email on their behalf. StopSpoof's OFP uses deep pattern analysis & machine learning which automatically identifies, monitors and manages emails being sent on your behalf by third-party senders. This enables businesses to easily identify and authorize legitimate email communications, block malicious emails from cybercriminals, and protect customers from email attacks.

OFP avoids the PII and PHI (Personal Identifiable Information & Personal Health Information) exposure, manual maintenance, and high false positive rates as compared with other vendors.



OFP Deployment:

  1. StopSpoof starts with implementation of DMARC initially with Threat Assessment in order to find complete Threat Attack Surface. Once the exploit and email attack vectors are identified we take the next decisive action.
  2. In the course of safeguarding your company's brand reputation, your 3rd party sending partners are identified, analyzed and approved under the umbrella.
  3. StopSpoof’s USF (Unique Sender Footprint) technology identifies the true identity of the email sender.
    USF detects, flags & highlights the smallest deviation from the normal sending legit pattern from trusted sources.
  4. Further, we implement quarantine & reject policy and instruct receiver mailboxes to quarantine or block all inbound messages that fail DMARC authentication. Hence no unauthorized vendor/user can send email using your domain.
  5. StopSpoof’s SmartSPF technology fixes SPF's 10 domain lookup limitation thereby giving companies free hand to include as many 3rd party authorized senders as they want.
  6. OFP ensures authentication remains accurate automatically as and when your email ecosystem changes. OFP provides action items, if any authorized 3rd party sender is not used for a considerate amount of time to ensure we don't quthorize/whitelist unwanted liabilities.

OFP Authentication process

ofp authentication process

With OFP you get:

  1. End-to-End managed services of DMARC deployment, reducing administration and management burden, lowers your TCO.
  2. DMARC Full/Partial Alignment with SPF and/or DKIM.
  3. Minimize risk and fraud losses by preventing phishing and ensuring compliance.
  4. SmartSPF technology that fixes SPF's 10-domain lookup limitation.
  5. Intelligence that identifies and visualizes sender domains, IP addresses, trusted & untrusted sources worldwide.
  6. 24/7 access to deep analytics portal, reporting and monitoring.
  7. Visual reporting that provides robust data in an easily consumable format.
  8. Since brand abuse and email phishing is stopped, your email reputation increases thus increases revenue from digital engagement and marketing programs.