About Us

Who We Are?

We are an email security team that guides organizations to block phishing attacks targeted on their brand and increase the deliverability of their authorised emails. From small governmental organizations to Fortune 500 companies with over 45000 employees, StopSpoof has an international track record for helping organizations across the globe and of all sizes successfully deploy email security against phishing attacks.

With StopSpoof organizations can manage outbound as well as inbound anti-phishing protection.

StopSpoof effectively stops phishing by identifying the true sender of emails. Stopspoof’s analytics engine and email telemetry network provides unparalleled visibility into over 2 trillion emails every year across 3 billion mailboxes.

StopSpoof provides user friendly Email security analyzing software and act as your expert guide to move you towards a reject policy as fast as possible. Our deployment and project management specialists can help you with managing your email protection project, mitigate risks, allow you to safely block malicious emails without impacting your other email channels like marketing etc.

StopSpoof has pioneered an advanced anti-phishing threat protection platform combining human and machine intelligence to automatically analyze, detect and remove malicious emails before and after they land in the inbox using a multi-layered and automated approach.

Our suite of products ensure that employees are prepared to take an active role in protecting the integrity of their organizations, while reinforcing their efforts with technology that can automatically defend enterprises from attacks in real-time.