Phishing attack simulation to test your end users.

Simulate Threat Landscape

An organization is only as strong as the weakest link. Employee is an organization's weakest link. If an employee falls for a phishing attack, whole organization falls.

Today, employees are being bombarded with spear-phishing and socially engineered schemes.

Damage caused by phishing in a corporate environment can have dangerous repercussions like loss or misuse of confidential data, ruining the consumer’s trust in the brand, use of corporate network resources etc.

The PhishTime framework aims to help industry professionals learn how to tackle phishing attacks with its ease of setup, use, and powerful results.



PhishTime Features

  1. Simulate hundreds of realistic and challenging phishing attacks in just few clicks
  2. Ease of use

    Users can easily create or import pixel-perfect phishing template while customizing their templates in their browser itself. Phishing emails can be scheduled and can be sent in the background.

  3. Real-Time Results

    Results obtained by PhishTime are updated automatically. Users can view a timeline for every recipient, track if the email was opened, link clicks, submitted credentials, and more.

  4. Beautiful Web UI

    PhishTime has a beautiful web interface. Import existing websites and emails, enable email open tracking, and more with a single click.