Stop email Phishing, Spoofing, Fraud with StopSpoof

You worked hard to build your brand, and there are people out there who would use it to do harm. Don't leave your company open to brand identity theft.

"only amateurs attack machines: professionals target people" -- Bruce Schneier

"if you can't Measure it, you can't Manage it" -- Peter Drucker


Email is your biggest Asset
& biggest Risk

If you see in this particular use case, user got a phishing mail as a reply to his ongoing conversation with supplier and hence he fell for it very easily.

Anyone can send an email directly to your customers, suppliers or employees pretending to be you if properly not protected. This puts your security and reputation at risk.

Impersonated emails can take many forms:

"Please pay this invoice..."

"Your payment details have expired..."

"Can you send over that contract?"

"I need to confirm your personal details..."

"Check out the attachment..."

"Follow this link to reset..."

With StopSpoof you can protect your staff and customers from receiving and falling victim to these phishing attacks.

With StopSpoof


Eliminate the cybersecurity risk responsible for 91% of security breaches: targeted email attacks


Build trust in your brand and digital communications by protecting customers, partners and employees from digital deception


StopSpoof is designed and maintained by experts who are well reputed and skilled. The team itself has vast experience with human information security and preparedness solutions.


During observation, StopSpoof will collect and analyze your DMARC reports to bring authentication issues to your attention and help you improve your compliance.


During analysis, receiving mailbox providers will treat compliance failures as suspicious. StopSpoof then analyzes reports to help you identify false positives and fraudulent mail sources.


The final step is protecting your reputation by instructing receiving mailboxes to reject all inbound messages that fail DMARC authentication.

Why StopSpoof

Unique Sender Footprint [USF]

StopSpoof’s “Unique Sender Footprint” [USF] technology identifies the true identity of the email sender.

USF can easily detect and flag the smallest deviation from the normal sending legit pattern from trusted sources.


StopSpoof’s “SmartSPF” technology fixes SPF's 10-domain lookup limitation.
SPF Lookup's are intentionally limited in order to protect the provider from DoS attacks.

SPF acts as a whitelist for the IP's & Domain's to be allowed to send mail on behalf of organisation domains.
SmartSPF fixes organisation’s SPF records, which gives them great power to allow unlimited 3rd party products & service providers.

Email Deliverability

Corporate/Business Emails going to Spam?
Marketing and Promotional Emails going to Spam?
Transactional Mails going to Spam?

StopSpoof is Your Answer.

StopSpoof fixes the Business Email Delivery & Deliverability Issues.

With StopSpoof, we are Rebuilding TRUST in Email Communications, one company at a time

"Email Phishing/Spoofing is where EVIL meets GREED"

"In the world of business, Ignorance is NOT a bliss"

Is Your Organization Genuinely
P R O T E C T E D?

“Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth” - Mike Tyson